Is Cheap and Easy Really To Blame?

About a week ago I came across a link to an article from a well-known and highly regarded photographer that talked about the demise of photography. It’s not important who it was, because really it could be anyone. These days it’s not uncommon to hear complaining and grumblings about how tough it is for photographers to compete in this market.

What struck me about this post, however, was that it came from someone who is by all measures a very successful, widely admired photographer that many look to for inspiration.

I am fortunate to be a part of two industries that collectively have a lot of similarities: the WordPress/Web industry and the Photography Industry.  However, what is surprising is that these two industries have very different mentalities.

On one hand there is the WordPress industry, which is booming. Despite the fact that every tool is available for FREE to anyone, and despite the mass availability of free (or extremely cheap) web software, WordPress web developers/designers/sellers are still VERY much in demand.

The photography industry, on the other hand, seems to be in a collective funk about the accessibility of professional-grade cameras, the low barrier to entry into the profession, and how ‘everyone is a photographer’ and ‘making money is harder than ever.’ It seems that everywhere you go you hear a “woe is me” tale of how hard it is to compete now that anyone can buy a camera.

What’s the difference between the two industries? Read the article that I wrote on Seniors Ignite.

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