Vintage finds and beautiful typography

Vintage Finds

Last weekend my family helped my grandparents clean out their garage to prepare to sell their home. I couldn’t believe the vintage finds and what good condition things were in, photographs from the early 20’s, original LP’s from the 50’s and vintage cameras that looked brand new. I am a big fan of vintage and mid century modern design, the quality and sophistication are timeless.

All of these images were taken with Instagram.

8mm Video Camera – I got to keep this. This was the camera my Grandpa used to film all the family videos from back in the 50s & 60s.

This is an old Polaroid. It looked brand new, with flash cubes that hadn’t been used, It came in a beautiful case. This was mine to keep too




This is an old video light. I loved the packaging – what stood out to me were the colors and simplicity.



The typography and design from this era has always inspired my work. Some of the type and artwork will look familiar since it influences a lot of current design and packaging. Fossil is one example of this. This influence is showing up in web design as well.

Vintage Retro Packaging

Below are images of old 8mm Film Packaging




Below are old vinyl – stereophonic, hi fidelity recorded LP’s. I loved the typography, not to mention I still like to go to record stores and look through old albums.



An old movie catalog:


Old typewriter corrective tape.


Last are the family photographs. I am a lover of all things technology and digital. The things that can be done with digital photography today are incredible. But there is something about holding a a 70 year old photograph that digital can’t replace. These are photographs of my grandparents, one is from the 20’s.

Nancy Nardi circa 1942


Grandpas first communion 1928


My parents (bottom) my great grandparents (top)


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